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“Bar Method reshaped my body!  I dropped 3 dress sizes and 1 pant size!”

~ Angie

Bar Method reshaped my body!  I dropped 3 dress sizes and 1 pant size!

I’ve always had the exact opposite of a typical female “pear shaped” figure.  Like the women on both sides of my family, I’m built with broad shoulders, a large chest and stomach, followed by narrow hips, and long, slender legs.  We’re a family of olives walking around on toothpicks.  I’ve learned to graciously accept my shape.  That being said, I try to keep my body as lean and toned as possible.

When I joined The Bar Method, it seemed to me that the majority of the focus was on buns and thighs.  I was more concerned about my mid-upper body, so wasn’t sure if Bar Method could help me reach my goals.  Still, I stuck with it because I enjoyed the class and the instructors.  In this time, I also made some big shifts to my diet by eliminating most sugars.

A year has passed, and I just borrowed a black tie dress from my extremely fit, model of a stepmom.  I used to wear a size 14 dress because I was so broad in the chest and shoulders – now I wear a size 8.  I can’t believe that The Bar Method so drastically reshaped my upper body!  It feels great!