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“It isn’t easy for any of us to transcend the past, or pain we might have suffered. Yet, there are gifts in those pains, and we can choose to let some light into the dark places. We are not alone. If there is darkness, we find our flashlights.”

During the 60 day Fall Fitness Challenge, my Bar Method family was my personal “flashlight.” When the world felt a little dark in the beginning of September because of some sudden, personal changes in my life, the Fall Fitness Challenge literally screamed at me, “get off your butt and stop feeling sorry for yourself!” And so I did, and I made a promise to try and come to class every day, and to see if Bar Method could be a healing type of “personal flashlight” as I went through some confidence re-building. Boy did it work!

The Fitness Challenge certainly did not allow any time for dark, self-pity thoughts! Every day at 8:15 and 4:30, the routine and the push moved me forward. Although I don’t know everyone’s names, there is such a sense of immense comfort in seeing the family of women (and Steve) that take their places every day to personally push themselves. My world always felt a little lighter and brighter after I finished my classes from my position at the bar, always near the door! Yes, I know, I have a little O.C.D. when it comes to my spot at the bar!

My Bar Method instructors are the best “light creators” that anyone could ever ask for, worth their weight in gold as physical and emotional therapists.  Marin, Elizabeth, Kim, Ally, Cami, Tifany, and Marcia always push me to do better and to be more focused – pull my shoulders back, tuck deeper, dive off for more pushups, tighten up my plank, hinge at my waist, and square off my hips. I hear these instructions in my sleep!

Although the Fall Fitness Challenge was a real driving force for me, it’s really always been a constant rock in my life for the past year and a half.  I came to Bar at the recommendation of a friend who knew I wanted so much more than the same old “treadmills and weight routines” in a gym. Although I have never been the most graceful or limber in the class, Bar Method has strengthened my leg muscles, leaned up my torso, and has just made me think differently about what “working out” should ultimately be.


“61 classes taken during the 60 day Fall Fitness Challenge, I can honestly say that I am finding that “personal light” again. I needed the Bar Method to help me get that “good positive light back into the dark places.” Bar Method truly changes lives, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

~ Debi