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I have no doubt I became stronger, more flexible, and more determined during the 60 Day Fall Fitness Challenge – being part of a group and having a team that depends on you really pushes you to show up and be a part of something. But, what is most important to me is the first day that I found The Bar Method. The past 2+ years is what has truly shaped my new outlook on life. I had been struggling with chronic fatigue and anxiety, sometimes not able to do even the smallest tasks. I knew that I wanted to do something about it naturally. I found Bar Method through a friend and decided to go “just for fun.”  I had never stuck with any kind of work out program in my life and I knew this would be just the same. My first day at Bar was amazing. I loved the instructors who were all so caring and dedicated…and most of all, the workout was incredible. It was so painful and intense but at the same time, relaxing and forced you to focus. I loved it. I went back the next day, and then the day after that, and before I knew it, I was addicted.


“I have never felt stronger, been as toned and as flexible in my whole life.”

~ Angela

Everyday, I show up and focus on me and take that time to challenge myself a little more than the day before. Bar Method has changed my life. I have never felt stronger, been as toned and as flexible in my whole life. My mind finally feels clear and focused. It has taught me how to breathe and has given me a new passion for a healthy lifestyle. I have completely changed my eating habits and I find myself doing a lot more physical activities to keep myself healthy every day. I am so thankful for the passionate instructors and the family that I have gained here and the continued dedication to each and every one of us. Thank you all for all that you do!