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“I’ve have noticed my legs looking more toned and my clothes fitting better and my fiancé took notice too!”

~ Stephanie

So it all started with a broken foot. In February of 2013, I broke a bone in my left foot. I have been a cyclist for almost 10 years now so everyone thought I had a wreck on the bike and that was the result. No, that would have been a better story….I broke my foot walking in heels, platforms to be exact, and across a choppy concrete parking lot.  Not one of my more graceful moments but there it is. Well, when it came time to say goodbye to my boot and later to my brace (11 weeks total), I was ready for physical therapy. Hmmm, what to do? Enter: Bar Method.

Well, between signing up and going to my first class, my boyfriend proposed and now we have a second reason: Crap, I have got to look good in my wedding dress!

This is a bit of history I’ve given and I need to back up with some information which is a bigger motivator than getting ready for a wedding. There are great years in our lives and there are ones that have more challenges that one should have in 12 months. 2012 was that year for me.

First challenge: 2012 started off wonderful with a new job that I love but this job requires me to eat out ALL. THE. TIME. From client breakfasts, lunches, and the occasional dinner, eating out is difficult to do without gaining weight and that is exactly what happened. It was very gradual but there was no denying some of my clothes were getting a little tight! I didn’t closely monitor it, but I figure I gained 7-8 lbs from this challenge alone. This is in spite of frequently cycling mind you. No doubt it helped, but my eating habits needed to change. I have since gotten much better about my food choices so we’re over the learning curve a bit.

Second challenge: In addition to that whole eating out thing, I turned the big 4-0 in January of this year. If you weren’t already aware, or simply in denial (like I was), something starts to happen to your metabolism in your 30s and it is a constant battle to try and figure out what mood your body is in and how it responds to your weight loss methods. Frankly, it’s a big pain in the hind end if you know what I mean.

Third challenge:  This is a sad one but one that I cannot go without mentioning. The unexpected loss of my mother. My sister and I knew that we had a limited amount of time with her but she died in a lesser amount of time than her prognosis. I won’t go in to much detail but say that I HATE all forms of cancer. I lost my father 10 years ago and with the loss of my mother in October of 2012, it’s a hard thing to face being “parentless” at 38. So ok, of course there’s a grieving period and some depression (add on another 5-6 lbs) but I worked though it and was ready to get back to being active so YAY! I’m riding my bike for the first time in 4 months, starting to train for my first triathlon…..and….

Fourth Challenge: (technically, this happened early 2013, but I loop it in with everything else) I break my foot. SERIOUSLY!? Color me annoyed. I couldn’t do anything and that included training and riding in the MS150 bike ride that I have done 6 years previously. AND…I had to wear flats….If you know me, I am a girl who LOOOVESS her heels. Being in flats everyday with my skirts was a materialistic annoyance but I’m just being honest. Also, funny story, I couldn’t walk or play with my dogs very well so my husky, to show her annoyance, kept flipping over the water bowl in the kitchen during this time period. It’s a BIG water bowl…. Oh yeah, add on another 5 lbs for this little adventure.

If you’re doing the math, my comfortable size 6, is now a size 10 making that a 17-20 lb weight gain. Sorry, no exact numbers, the scale was not my friend so I exiled it.

Ok, now it’s BAR METHOD’S TURN!  I do apologize for the previous novel but it is how I got here.

So I started Bar Method in early July of 2013 and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I have finally found a workout I enjoy and look forward to going to everyday. Cycling is time consuming and not something I can easily work in during the work week. I have tried bootcamps and while I saw results, I was miserable the entire time. Bar Method is enjoyable and is producing results for me. It doesn’t hurt that I love to dance either!  On my goal card, I wrote something very simple: “Lose weight, gain muscle”. See, because it’s been a challenge for me to lose weight, I didn’t want to put a number to it.  I just wanted to see if Bar Method would teach my body a lesson. AND IT DID! I am happy to report, the scale is down 8 lbs. But that takes into account the second half of my goal, gain muscle, so I’ve lost more than 8 lbs of fat.  Yay! I’ve have noticed my legs looking more tone and my clothes fitting better and my fiancé took notice too! I don’t go around analyzing my body in the mirror to figure out what all is changing so I hadn’t noticed my back. The other day, I was in my workout gear and I stood up and stretched, reaching my arms up in the doorway. He said, holy crap, your back is gaining muscle! It looks good!” I immediately ran to the mirror to try and catch a glimpse! Even better, we went to the Nutcracker performed by the Moscow Ballet the following Friday night and he said to me during the performance, “Your back looks like their backs!” (referring to the ballerinas)  AWE. SOME. I was ready to take the stage that very moment!

During the 60-day Fall Fitness Challenge, I worked hard to attend class regularly. If I missed one of my normal workout days, I made it up. I was committed. When I didn’t feel like it (and let’s be honest, sometimes you’re just plum worn out), I pushed through and went. I was always glad I did because I wasn’t going to feel better sitting on the couch.

So I will continue with Bar Method for a long, long, time. Not because I broke my foot, not because I’m now 40 and love food, but because I love how I feel when I’m in class and I love what it is doing to my body. Kudos to you and all of your instructors, I love them all! There is a sincere concern and effort by all of the instructors to make sure we are in the correct position and we are pushing ourselves as hard as we can. I am thankful every day for Bar Method!